Enhancing lives of children & their families.


Our mission is to provide evidence-based applied behavioral analysis (ABA) services to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities, and other developmental disabilities through direct ABA services as well as training family members. We provide ABA services to increase functional communication, social skills development, adaptive behavior and building of alternative behaviors. The goal of our services is to enhance the lives of children as well as their families.



ABA is considered an evidence-based “best” practice treatment by the following entities:

  • US Surgeon General
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • National Institue for Health
  • Center for Disease Control 

 “The effectiveness of ABA-based intervention in ASDs has been well documented through 5 decades of research by using single-subject methodology and in controlled studies of comprehensive early intensive behavioral intervention programs in university and community settings. Children who receive early intensive behavioral treatment have been shown to make substantial, sustained gains in IQ, language, academic performance, and adaptive behavior as well as some measures of social behavior, and their outcomes have been significantly better than those of children in control groups.”